Symptoms and treatment of chronic migraine

with a change in climate and advancement of technologies, Diseases has increased significantly. Among all of these one major and in high volume disease is migraine. Migraine is a type of disease that affects the brain. There are two types of migraine, Migraine with aura also called complicated migraine and migraine without aura also called common migraine.

Complicated Migraine Migraine with Aura

Aura migraine is a type of migraine in which a person faces the issue of vision and sensation, a person with aura migraine see black spots and zigzags, besides tingling numbness on one side of the body is also causes by this disease.

Common Migraine Migraine without Aura 

Common Migraine is similar to other migraines but it’s difficult to diagnose and treat compare to others, the reason is its symptoms are similar to other; it can only be differentiated by the lake of warnings initiated during other migraines.

chronic migraine’s main symptom is it lasts 15 days a month. It starts with one-week migraine symptoms for several weeks. A chronic migraine starts with fewer episodic pulses of migraine to more frequent pulses of migraine. Some people face severe pain in the left eye and left side of the forehead. 

Causes chronic migraine

chronic migraine starts and develops with time due to many reasons, with the passage of time episodic headaches significantly increase. It includes
Mood disorders like anxiety and depression
disrupted sleep pattern
Excessive caffeine intake
Stressful life events or physical trauma

Treatment of migraine

If you are a migraine patient your doctor will ask your family history, Neurologist will treat you based on your medical history, symptoms, and your physical condition you have provided. 
Your treatment will be based on your condition, if it is unusual, complex or become severe there are few tests for it which include


An MRI scan (Magnetic resonance imaging) uses a powerful magnetic field and radio waves to deeply observed tumors, strokes, bleeding, or any damage to the blood vessels. It will help the doctors to check the main cause of chronic migraine.


A CT scan (Computed tomography) uses a series of X-rays to check images of the brain. This helps doctors diagnose tumors, strokes, bleeding, or any damage to the blood vessels. This can be helpful in finding which type of migraine it is?

There are few main approaches for the treatment of chronic migraine and other types of migraines.

Lifestyle management

patients with chronic migraines or any other type of migraine find that lifestyle changes such as regular exercise and proper healthy meals with sleep can reduce the frequency of migraine especially chronic migraine attacks.

Proper Medication (Those taken during attacks of chronic pain).

Some patients with migraine especially chronic migraines are advised by doctors to take medicine from time to time if the condition remains for a long time, some medications or other treatments almost always required by patients of migraine because its treatment is almost not possible. 
In nutshell, Care is better than medicine. If migraine lasts for a long time then without doctor’s advice do not take any medicine. Change your lifestyle ,take a healthy meal with regular exercise can reduce the symptoms of any type of migraine.

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